How to solve "Network Adapter could not establish the connection" error?

Problem description:

After installing migration-center when trying to start a scanner the following error is raised: java.sql.SQLRecoverableException: IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection:


The most common cause is the host_name or instance_name retrieved by migration-center from the system view v$instance are not correct. This may happen when database instances are cloned or moved from one host to another, as that information doesn’t get updated by Oracle. You may check that by running the following query in SqlPlus or Sql Developer:

Select host_name, instance_name from v$instance;

If host_name or instance name are not correct, please proceed with the solution described below.
You may also check the connection string used by jobserver in the wrapper.log file located in the jobserver installation folder:

JobServer executeCmd: start description=job_description connection=jdbc:oracle:thin:@HOST_NAME:1521:INSTANCE_NAME

Correct the host by deleting the FMEMC.v$instance synonym and creating the following view in the FMEMC schema (replace the strings in quotations  with the correct host name and instance name):


CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW v$instance AS SELECT '<insert hostname, FQDN or IP here>' as host_name, '<insert instance name here>' as instance_name FROM dual;

NOTE: Run the command above connected as user FMEMC.

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